dehesa Sierra de San Pedro 3Birding in Extremadura - excellent site from Extremadura Regional Government

Phenology of migrant birds in Extremadura This is an outstandingly useful document produced by local birder Sergio Mayordomo, working from the records of observations submitted over several years by enthusiasts in the region. It shows the months when particular migrants are likely to be seen, using 4 colour codes to show first and last records, when numbers are building, when maximun numbers occur, and a final category for very scarce or localised presence. Congratulations and grateful thanks to Sergio for a lot of hard work .

Fat Birder information on Extremadura

5 day Weather forecast for Trujillo in Extremadura


SEO - Spanish RSPB equivalent - in Spanish

ADENEX - Extremadura Association for the Protection of Nature - in Spanish

Non-birding holidays

Extremadura doesn't just offer excellent birdwatching, but is wonderful for walking. It’s also amazing for Art; perfect for painting, superb for sketching and phenomenal for photography. Our neighbours in Montánchez offer specialist holidays.